Vegetable Garden

Activity available all year round

The vegetables include greens (stems, leaves and flowers), roots (carrots, radish, beetroot …), bulbs (onions, garlic) and fruit (pumpkin, cucumber, tomato …).

Monte da Ribeira offers wide variety of plants, vegetables and fruits according to the season. Most of this production is for domestic consumption – for the breakfast baskets and to make jam, sweets and other traditional products.

Would you like to have your own vegetable garden and sow the crops of your choice? By participating in this activity, you will get to know the hole process from land preparation to harvesting.

Cultivation Varieties available:
Lettuce, cabbage, turnip, tomato, courgette, pepper, cucumber, pumpkin, eggplant, onions, watermelon, melon, cantaloupe and figs among other.

Activity Price - 10,00€ per person

Prices per person. Activity available all year round. Cultivation varies according to the season. Children 5-12 50% discount / 0-5 free.